Individualized, Child Centered Focus
Learner-centered education begins with a set of beliefs about each learner: We believe that each learner is unique, has unbounded potential, and an innate desire to learn. Our educators facilitate this by guiding every student to establish and work toward a set of personalized goals. Every day, each child’s potential is fostered and nourished.

The Whole Child Approach
Our whole-child approach assures significant amounts of time and attention are dedicated to more than just academics. Our schools prioritize long term social-emotional and spiritual health in order to fulfill our mission of developing kindness, self-efficacy and purpose in each student.
This gives our students the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the world—and make a difference in their own unique ways.

Integrated Curriculum
As the world outside of school becomes increasingly complex, it is ever more critical for us to help students to view their learning – and the formation of their identities – in a holistic way. Our schools push beyond the traditional paradigm of separating our “real lives” from our Jewish lives. Our interdisciplinary units are built with fluidity between general and Judaic studies, connecting students to the real-world application of their “whole” knowledge and selves in meaningful ways.

Immersive Hebrew Language
The early acquisition of Hebrew as a second language is powerful. It builds the brain’s capacity, develops aptitude for Jewish learning and is a strong basis for a lifelong connection to the land and culture of Israel and the construct of a powerful Jewish identity. In addition to formal language instruction, we seamlessly incorporate Hebrew into various non-academic parts of the day so that students can practice what they learn in natural contexts.

Future Forward
We prepare our students to gain admittance to the high school of their choice and for lives that are meaningful, productive, and happy well into the future.


תמים [ta-meem]
adjective complete or whole

Our name is sourced from Tomchei Temimim, the first formal Yeshiva system of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement. Founded in 1897 by Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneerson in the town of Lubavitch, Russia, each student was lovingly called “tamim,” meaning pure, perfect or complete. This endearing tidbit packs a vital message: quality Jewish education begins with the assumption that each child is inherently holy and good. 

This concept of “wholeness” is the foundation of our model of Jewish education.